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For the Best Quality Mattress 

Why Buy from Us?




About us

Why Shapes mattress ?

Our mattresses are made of  high quality  materials and designed to provide right amount of body support  for all sleeping positions .We uses premium high density foam, thicker coils and gel memory foam for the construction of  mattresses . We provide all the premium features at an affordable price range. SHAPES mattresses are made for the perfect sleep that you deserve .

Why is our prices cheaper than others

We provide a wholesale pricing to our customers which is 40-60 percent lower than traditional retail stores.

How we do it?

Straight from factory we able to provide FACTORY-DIRECT pricing through our online store . Shapes Mattress brand for years have provided best quality mattresses for  the best price .

Our Services

Wholesale availabilty

For retailers,hotels and other businesses we have the wholesale pricing  without the need to  sacrifice on quality .

Professional Discount

For airbnb and other rental businesses
on bulk orders

Custom mattress

We are able to make custom hand-made mattresses at our local manufacturing facility based on your requirements

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